Number Sense

    What it is
    • People who have number sense think of numbers in relationship to each other.
    • Math concepts are built from number relationships.
    • People who succeed in math have good number sense.
    What it is not



    Concept Reading
    Number Sense
    Skill Spelling Computation Rules
    • Number sense is different from computation skill (knowing how to add, multiply, subtract, and divide).
    • Computation skill is to number sense like spelling is to reading.
    • A person may be able to spell perfectly, yet be unable to understand the meaning of a sentence.
    How we get it
    • Math is physical.
    • Number sense develops from our physical experiences.
    • Number sense is a grasp of number relationships.
    • About 80% of children grow into true number sense.
    • About 20% of adults lack true number sense, according to research.

    Major studies reveal the state of number sense in adults in the United States.

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