Growing Math Concepts

    CONCEPTS: The Big Picture

    How do we grow into understanding math?

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    Children who count correctly –
    – say the words in correct order
    – say one word for each object
    – know when to stop counting
    – can add objects they can see
    Children who have this concept can follow a leader’s beat in a simple song.

    SingMath gives your child the physical experience of math concepts through music rhythm.

    Equal Distance

    Children and adults who understand “equal distance” –
    – know each counting number is the same-sized “1 more” (as a physical distance) than the number before it
    – can add objects they can’t see
    – can understand addition and multiplication
    Children who have this concept can keep the melody beat in a song without a leader.



    Children and adults who understand “part-whole” –
    – know that 6 and 3 (or 7 and 2) is inside 9 at the same time as the entire 9 exists
    – can understand subtraction, division, place value, and more
    – can understand fractions as parts compared to the entire amount
    – can understand the elements of critical thinking
    – use the concept to improve reading comprehension
    Children and adults who have this concept can feel the grouping beat and the melody beat in music at the same time.

    Use HOW NUMBERS WORK to lead high school students and adults to part-whole thinking – the basis for critical thinking.

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